JXT Company General Catalog

How to purchase:

  1. Click our catalog link and Input any keyword in long horizontal Search Bar below to search. Or:
  2. Click the proper icons below and, on the next page, select from “Categories” and “Brands” filter to further search.
  3. After finding the item, please input the quantity; click “Add To List”; then go the top right screen to click the cart icon to open up List Summary Page. Please click “Email List to  Input  your Name, Phone #, Email Address and Notes add a note to ask us order or to quote.
  4. JXT Company Support Team will send you a quotation with price and lead time shortly.
  5. Please call us at 828-477-4601 for any questions.
  6. https://1585.orgill-prodecatalog3.us-central1.gcp.storefrontcloud.io/c/all-categories?fbclid=IwAR1Q3MqJdHh2KOJ8DHKMQq4NgVWzOYFmXIPP3CAG3IBfWEQngpLPO07jph0