VAL 02373 Thermal Expansion Valve


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Trane/American Standard R-22 Expansion Valve, Thermostatic, Adjustable, 4 Ton, 3/8″ Inlet X 1/2″ Outlet

For use with BAYTXVA0H5B, BAYTXVH0H3B, BH10B, BWE050C500GA, BWE050C700GA, BWE060C080RA, BWE060C480RA, BWE060C481RA, BYC060G1H0BA, BYC060G1H0BB, BYC060G3H0BA, BYC060G3H0BB, BYC060G4H0BA, BYC060G4H0BB, CCBD50A4ACB0, DCX060F1M0AA, DCX060F1M0AB, DCX060F3M0AA, DCX060F3M0AB, DCX060F4M0AA, DCX060F4M0AB, DCY048F1H0AA, DCY048F3H0AA, DCY048F4H0AA, TCC050FD00AA, TCC050FD0BAA, TCC050FD0KAA, TCC050FD0NAA, TCC050FD0PAA, TCC050FD0TAA, TCC060F100AA, TCC060F100AB, TCC060F10BAB, TCC060F10KAA, TCC060F10KAB, TCC060F10NAA, TCC060F10NAB, TCC060F10PAA, TCC060F10PAB, TCC060F10TAA, TCC060F10TAB, TCC060F300AA, TCC060F300AB, TCC060F30BAB, TCC060F30KAA, TCC060F30KAB, TCC060F30NAA, TCC060F30NAB, TCC060F30PAA, TCC060F30PAB, TCC060F30TAA, TCC060F30TAB, TCC060F400AA, TCC060F400AB, TCC060F40BAB, TCC060F40KAA, TCC060F40KAB, TCC060F40NAA, TCC060F40NAB, TCC060F40PAA, TCC060F40PAB, TCC060F40TAA, TCC060F40TAB, TCC060FW00AA, TCC060FW0BAA, TCC060FW0KAA, TCC060FW0NAA, TCC060FW0PAA, TCC060FW0TAA, TCX060F100AA, TCY048F100AA, TCY048F300AA, TCY048F400AA, TTE100BA00AB, TTE100BD00AB, TTE120B100AB, TTE120B300AB, TWE050AA00AA, TWE050AA00AB, TWE050AD00AA, TWE050AD00AB, TWE050AD00BA, TWE050AD00BB, TWE050BD001B, TWE060A1001B, TWE060A100AB, TWE060A100BA, TWE060A100BB, TWE060A300AB, TWE060A300BA, TWE060A300BB, TWE060A400AB, TWE060A400BA, TWE060A400BB, TWE060AM001B, TWE060AW00AB, TWE060AW00BA, TWE060AW00BB, TWE100BD00BA, TWE100BD00BB

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 6 in


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